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We contribute with our experience in creativity techniques

Tecnalia with a long tradition in ICT sector is committed to innovation using ICT tools in a creative way. Creativity is always a hot topic when talking about innovation. It is the Philosopher's stone to convert emptiness in a bright idea. Fluidity to generate ideas, to connect different domains, the ability to see what nobody has seen staring the same,…

The project Sparking Creativity and Innovation Skills in the ICT Sector – INNOSPARK is the crossing point and confluence of the two axes. ICT and Creativity skills.

The project aims to attract new talents, train European citizens with the relevant creativity skills needed in the ICT sector, and as a consequence - to fuel innovation, productivity and growth in the EU.  Activities are designed:

  • To provide employers and employees in European ICT SMEs with reliable tool to assess their level of creativity skills and identify areas for improvement;
  • To enhance the competitiveness and the innovation capacity of ICT SMEs in the EU through practical training tailored to their needs;
  • To increase the awareness of European ICT SMEs and VET community about the importance of creativity thinking as a catalyst of innovation processes
  • To inspire ICT SMEs to learn from the successful experience of peer companies which have faced similar sectoral challenges but thrived on knowledge, skills, innovation and creativity.

The role of Tecnalia is to provide with our best practices in the Creativity and ICT marriage and contribute with our experience in creativity techniques.

It‘s already available a Self-Diagnostic Test - an interactive self-assessment tool for ICT employees and employers to discover the creativity skills you possess identifying at the same time those that you need to develop and boost, so as to foster innovation in your work.

Also a Guidebook for Developing Creative Thinking and Innovation in ICT is finished. It provides interactive exercises focused on brain with the purpose of learning practical techniques to stimulate one’s imagination and innovative thinking. The Toolkit will also contain A to Z of Creativity and Innovation techniques and tools for creative thinking. Workshops to test your creativity coming soon!!

INNOSPARK project is funded under the “Erasmus +” programme, KA2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.

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