Environmental quality and health in urban environments in GreenCities

Calidad ambiental y salud en entornos urbanos en GreenCities


20 September 2023


FYCMA– Trade Fair and Congress Centre, Avda Ortega y Gasset 201 201, Malaga


12:30 pm - 1:15 pm

Don't miss the round table we have organised at the Grencities & S-Moving 2023congress; technologies to promote environmental quality and health in urban environments

The "Technologies to promote environmental quality and health in urban environments" round table, along with different experts, will analyse how digital systems can contribute to comply with current and future legislation.

Representatives from Madrid City Council, Bilbao City Council, Kunak (experts in air quality monitoring) and BECSAwill participate.

  • We will discuss the possible functionalities of a digital environmental twin of the city for air quality and noise management.
  • There is an opportunity to integrate environmental quality management into the digital tools being developed. The aim is to support the management of our cities. The available digital technology helps to gain further knowledge about the sources of pollution, its effects and the possible actions to preserve environmental quality and take care of our health.
  • It will require data collection, processing and storage; the combination of observational and modelling results; and the use of artificial intelligence technologies.

Technological advances and their integration in the management of urban environments

We look forward to seeing you in the Urban Arena auditorium on 20th September at 12.30pm: where the following experts will be participating:

  • María de los Ángeles Cristóbal López, Deputy Director General for Sustainability, Madrid City Council
  • Mikel González Vara, Head of Environment , Bilbao City Council
  • Peio Ibañez, Commercial Director, KUNAK
  • Francisco J. Vea Folch, Director Innovation and New Technologies, BECSA (Grupo Simetría)

Moderator: Itziar Aspuru, expert in environmental quality and comfort, TECNALIA

FYCMA, Malaga

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