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Business Opportunities in Materials and Processes

Surface Engineering



Nano-scale system based on multilayer materials with graduated refraction index that provides anti-reflective and anti-soiling properties to glass surfaces used in PV modules.

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Sol-Gel hybrid coatings for protection against corrosion of Aluminium- and Zinc-based coatings (IRUCOAT)

Chrome-free organic-inorganic hybrid coating for the protection of a wide varierty of metals and alloys (light alloys for aeronautic and aerospace applications, galvanised steel..). It is resistant to alkaline medium, to UV light and  giving protection in aggressive salty solutions. Excellent matrix for the inclusion of charges that provides other specific functionalities.

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Conversion coating in Al/Mg (MAGNOLYA)

Process for surface treatment though chemical conversion for the magnesium and its alloys that improves its resistance against corrosion and its adherence to subsequent coatings.

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Solid lubricant applied through Physical Vapor Deposition -PVD- technology

This lubricant can be used in mechanism and components (bearings, gears…) requiring low friction coeficients and high durability. It is convenient where the use of conventional lubricats is not allowed or has significat drawbacks. It presents low friction coeficients and high durability in different working environments (vacuum, humidity, etc.).








New technology-based start-up aimed to the development of high-added chemicals from renewable raw materials, through a combination of bio- and chemical technologies.

Process for the manufacturing of 2,3 butanediol through the fermentation of lignocelulosic sugars using a patented own microorganism of very low biological risk

It includes the separation and purification of 2,3-butanediol.

Transferred to BIOKEMIK.

Process for the manufacturing of methyl-ethyl ketone by electroreduction of acetoine

The process takes place in non divided cells (the cheapest electrochemical reactor) in water, at atmospheric pression and ambient temperature.

Transferred to BIOKEMIK.

Process for the manufacturing of aceitoine through the fermentation of lignocelulosic sugars using a patented own microorganism of very low biological risk

It includes the separation and purification of acetoine.

Transferred to BIOKEMIK.

Manufacturing process of cathionic floculants from lignin

More efective floculants than obtained from standard procedures with high and adjustable molecular weight, and high charge density. It do not use formaldehyde.

Manufacturing process of lignin-based polyols

Very low homopolymer co-production. Easy control of the chain lenghts (molecular weight). No bad odor. Mild reaction conditions. Using conventional (not expensive) equipment.

Manufacturing of Isosorbide bis(methyl carbonate) (IBMC) from biomass

Solvent-free process. At atmospheric pression and T < 90ºC. IBMC can susbtitute molecules of phosil origin as isocianates MDI and TDI without affecting their mechanical properties. IBMC is suitable for an isocyanate free policarbonate and poliuretane manufacturing.

Process for a cost-effectice production of glicydol from glycerol carbonate

It combines in a single step the synthesis and the purification of glicydol at a temperature lower than 130 ºC. This fact reduces drastically the production cost. The glycerol carbonate is obtained from glycerol by our own manufaturing process.

Micro-reactor for multiphase catalytic reactions with heat transfer 

Manufactured in a single compact one-piece. It integrates the reaction and the heat transfer systems. Scalling  by replicating the base module. It increases the chemical yield of the reaction in 10-15 % over convention reactors.

Method for the purification of glycerin

Patented process for obtaining glcerol carbonate from glycerin coming as by-product from the production of biodiesel and purified by electrodialysis. This process increases the profitability of the biodiesel production.


Waste valorisation


Gas treatment system based on thermal plasm for the treatment of syngas contaminated with tar (PLASIND)

It has two chambers (for treatment and for heating. The separation wall among these chambers prevents the contact between the treated gas and the plasm avoiding a dilution of the fuel gas with the subsequent heating power loss and the contamination of its composition.


Recycling of metallic waste containing impurities by thermal-mechanical treatment (RECUMET)

Process for granular metallic materials containing mainly surface organic impurities. It combines the partial removal of the contaminated material by heating till 300ºC in controlled oxidizing atmosphere with the removal of the residues of contaminated material by a thermal-mechanical effect at 400-550ºC in inert atmosphere.


Equipment for on-site soil contaminated remediation by thermal treatment (RECUSOIL)

It has been designed for the trearment of soils contaminated with organic pollutants (hydrocarbons, oils, PAHs…)


Materials for emerging applications


Composite-Metal-Graphene electrodes

Aimed to the increment of the capacitance of the capacitive deionization (CDI) cells to reduce the cost of the water desalinization below the cost related the application of the reverse osmosis (referent technology at the present moment).




Membrane Technology and process intensification


Advanced membrane reactor for on-site production oh high purity hydrogen

Low and medium scale reactor based on supported metallic membranes that allows the hydrogen separation on the reforming unit itself, reducing the steps of the process from 4 to 1. These reactors increase the efficiency of the process and reduce the inversion and operation costs. This technology is the ideal for applications in which a reaction and a subsequent separation are involved.




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