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Innovative Applications at the Graphene Flagship International Conference (Graphene Week)

2018.09.10 - 2018.09.14

Venue: Kursaal Congress Centre - Av. de Zurriola, 1 - 20002 Donostia-San Sebastian - Guipúzcoa (Spain)
Date: 2018.09.10 - 2018.09.14
Duration: 5 days
Organiser: CIC nanoGUNE

Next September 14-18 the Graphene Week - Graphene Flagship International Conference will take place in Donostia-San Sebastian. At this Conference and Trade Fair TECNALIA will present his technological solutions during the Conference and at the Exhibition Area (stand B01)

Our approach in the identification of potential innovative graphene applications starts from a societal point of view, by identifying current needs in a wide-range of fields, such as energy, health, industry or construction, among others. Our sound technological knowledge enables us to identify problems and applications for this new nanomaterial to develop solutions to be transferred to industry.

In this context we have developed an innovative graphene-based electrode for water desalination whose performance is expected to surpass the state-of-the-art efficiency of reverse osmosis.

In energy storage, taking profit of the synergetic interaction of graphene and several ORR catalysts, we are working on the improvement of the performance and durability of air-electrodes after charge-discharge cycling in metal-air batteries.

Novel nanostructured materials which are solution processable, and therefore printable, open fascinating opportunities to overcome the limitations of the traditional methods to manufacture electronic devices technologies. We are making progress in the preparation of stable ink dispersions made by incorporating metal nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene for obtaining high electrical conductivity.

The superb thermal conductivity of graphene makes it an excellent material for thermal management. Our graphene-based composites allow applications where more efficient thermal dissipation materials are required, as in electronic devices.

Finally, our nano-reinforced based sensors constitute a promising alternative for the development of multifunctional materials with sensing capacities that solve the problems of safety and reliability of the composite materials, mainly in the aerospace industry, reducing costs of maintenance and increasing useful life.

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