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European Raw Materials Alliance assesses our experience in raw materials field, admitting us as member


The European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA) brings together European knowledge and experience along the raw materials value chain

TECNALIA has ample experience across a range of areas along the raw materials value chain: increasing resource efficiency in mineral and metallurgical processes, recycling, material chain optimisation for products at the end of their useful life, replacing critical materials in products with optimised yield, and designing products and services for the circular economy. ERMA has valued our efforts and dedication in these fields, admitting us as a member of the alliance.

Advanced materials, metals and minerals are key enablers for a globally competitive, green and digital Europe. ERMA grants EU industrial ecosystems reliable, secure and sustainable access to critical, strategic raw materials, advanced materials and available know-how.

Its aim is to make Europe economically more resilient by diversifying supply chains, creating jobs, attracting investments, fostering innovation, training young talents and contributing to the best enabling framework for raw materials and the circular economy worldwide.

Action Plan for Critical Raw Materials

As from 3 September, ERMA has been involved in an action plan on critical raw materials which analyses current and future challenges and proposes actions to reduce Europe's dependence on third countries, by diversifying the supply of primary and secondary materials and improving resource efficiency and circularity, while promoting responsible sourcing worldwide.

ERMA Action Lines 

In the first phase, a series of activities will be implemented through clusters arranged around two specific value chains. The first will focus on rare earth elements (REE) for magnets and motors, in line with one of the action lines of our Waste Recovery Platform, in the Energy and Environment area.

The second will deal with raw materials and advanced materials for energy storage and conversion for stationary and non-stationary applications, also in line with work being performed across several TECNALIA areas.

Dr Amal Siriwardana, head of our Waste Management area and also our liaison with the alliance, stated that “With our experience in the field, TECNALIA will support the European Union to roll out a circular economy in the critical raw materials value chain, by means of the sustainable recovery of all types of primary and secondary waste products, using innovative and cost-effective technologies. With this aim, we will join forces with industrial and technological partners from all across Europe”.

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