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Gipuzkoa is committed to a low-carbon energy model


Energy management opens up an opportunity for the green economy

Energy is a basic asset. Energy management opens up an opportunity for the green economy in all sectors: home, commerce, industry, transport, services, etc. This has been highlighted by the Gipuzkoa Deputy for the Environment, José Ignacio Asensio. In the “Gipuzkoa Sustainable Energy and Energy Poverty Territorial Table” he reaffirmed his commitment to climate change and energy sustainability, renewing agreements with associations.

At this forum, the Regional Council presented the progress of the drafting of the “Gipuzkoa Energy Sustainability Strategy 2015” in which TECNALIA is participating actively.

Gipuzkoa energy scenario

Within the framework of the definition of this strategy, the Provincial Council has embarked on a characterisation process of the Gipuzkoa energy scenario: it has contemplated the situation of the consumer, the existing supply and current energy demand in the historical territory, actions promoted by the different local institutions; and those derived from the industrial, technological and training capacities of Gipuzkoa. The supra-territorial resources and supports have also been considered.

Energy transition

The purpose of this characterisation is the feasibility of sustained energy transition in a new low-carbon energy model, based on the distributed generation of energy from renewable sources.

In this feasibility analysis, the impact of the digital technologies and their business models, savings potential, energy efficiency and distributed generation based on renewable energies and others has been considered, as well as the environmental criteria of this new model.

Finally, an action plan has been established in which the vision and the energy model, the objectives and action scenarios and the goals, action lines and measures to be undertaken have been defined.

This action plan also considers a governance and public participation model, as well as a monitoring programme and a scoreboard.

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