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NAUTILUS moves to SINTEF ocean to test its floating platform concept


Offshore floating wind farms will become a reality in 2021


Floating platforms will enable wind power to be exploited in places where the depth of the seabed makes existing grounded solutions infeasible. The reduction of technology costs and the increase in production at wind farms has made offshore wind power a promising source of energy in which utilities are already trusting. Offshore floating wind farms will become a reality by 2021.

In its race to reduce electric generation costs, NAUTILUS is moving to SINTEF Ocean in Trondheim (Norway) to test its floating platform concept.

This platform has reduced dimensions compared to those of other competitors and bases its advantages on its potential for series production using very simple and repetitive components, reduced assembly space and a simple procedure for its transport and installation at the wind farm site.

Work is currently being carried out on the development of its first real scale prototype that will enable its technology to be tested in a relevant environment. The NAUTILUS concept is in line with the growing power of wind turbines and designs have been made for machines with power ranging from 5 MW to 10 MW.

This test was attended by many figures, such as representatives from STATOIL, ENOVA, SF, SIEMENS GAMESA Renewable Energies, International Energy Agency, ACS-COBRA and SINTEF Ocean, among others. A large delegation from the Basque Country made up of representatives from SPRI, Basque Energy Agency, Basque Energy Cluster, Vicinay Cadenas, Tamoin, Navacel, Nervión Industries and Erreka stood out.

NAUTILUS Floating Solutions is an industrial and technological consortium made up of Astilleros de Murueta, Tamoin, Velatia, Vicinay Marine Innovación and TECNALIA.

Further information

* This test has been performed within the framework of the Lifes50+.European Project.


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