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TECNALIA leads a pioneer initiative focused on the sounds preservation and on the ‘extraction’ of feelings for enjoying these sounds

It is not easy to found silent or sound-pleasant spaces in the world around us. A big number of soundscapes are missing or diluted into the anonymous noise that configures the soundscape in the contemporary cities. “To listen, we have to stop or, at least, to slow ourselves physically and psychologically”.

The Energy and Environment of Tecnalia is involved in several projects (Action Plan for the Noise in Bizkaia, for the Provincial Government of Bizkaia, LIFE+ Project QuADMAP - QUiet Areas Definition and Management in Action Plans, in which among others the City Council of Bilbao is involved) for a pioneer initiative focused on the sounds preservation and on the ‘extraction’ of feelings for enjoying these sounds. In this framework the Urkiola Natural Park has been analysed. When we approach to the Viewpoint of the Three Crosses we can enjoy the relaxing landscape, but the feeling intensifies if we simply close our eyes for some minutes.

Well-being in urban spaces

Following this trend, an important objective is the preservation of natural sounds (fauna, flora, the interactions among them and with natural phenomena) to increase the experience of the nature by the visitors.

 It is also very important the transfer of this concept to urban spaces, in such a way that urban spaces configure quiet urban spaces (with a pleasant soundscape) opposing the stress and allowing health and well-being restoration.

Sensorial experiences

We expect that citizenship life quality will improve through the increase of urban spaces environmental (sound) quality. For this purpose it is necessary to integrate sensorial experiences in the urban public spaces criteria designs.

The achievement of these goals will allow the growing of proud and place-belonging feelings in the citizens through the sounds (sounds that located them in a specific framework) and the development of urban environments that will create attraction poles because of the sound types listened on these environments.

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