Tecnalia. Inspiring Business

Tecnalia. Inspiring Business

TECNALIA leads development of electronic converters that integrate renewable energy in the electrical grid and promote more efficient electric mobility


An increased power density in these electronic converters will lead to many applications that are more compact, competitive, efficient and affordable

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The project called “New Technologies to Increase Power Density in Electronic Converters” (CONVAP), led by TECNALIA, aims to increase the power density in converters that operate on the entire power range, from kW units to hundreds of MW. The growing electrification of energy and the deployment of electric mobility require electronic converters with a higher power density, as increased power density offers more compact, efficient, affordable and competitive solutions. 

Power electronics converters can be found in many applications and are more and more necessary in order to ensure efficient energy transition. For example, converters connected to wind turbines and solar panels allow an efficient integration of renewable energy in the grid; STATCOMs and active filters help to improve grid quality; and battery chargers and drives lead to an effective deployment of electric mobility.

In order to achieve this ambitious goal, the following technological developments are pursued: application of optimisation methods based on artificial intelligence (AI), as well as advanced mathematical methods to obtain advanced complex modulations geared towards an increase in power density in high power converters (S>1MVA); use of high switching frequency devices; SiC for medium power and GaN for low power to design high power density electronic converters for medium/low power applications (S<1MVA); and research into new phenomena in microrefrigeration, in order to get advanced refrigeration systems that increase power density in electronic converters applicable to the entire power range.

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  • · Our experts are actively involved in these three lines of research and lead the first and third ones. Ingeteam, Mondragon Unibertsitatea and Deusto Foundation take part alongside TECNALIA.
  • CONVADP is funded by the Basque Government through the Elkartek 2020 programme.
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