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VALENCIA's huerta and Albufera become more climate-resilient


Collaboration between stakeholders of these historical areas is necessary in order to develop and implement solutions

Las Naves, Valencia’s social and urban innovation centre, funded by Valencia City Council and supported by TECNALIA, presented to several local stakeholders the projects that will be developed to protect heritage from climate change. These projects will be carried out in la Huerta and La Albufera historical areas of Valencia.

Valencia’s Councillor for Innovation, Carlos Galiana, said that “unfortunately, our heritage is at risk for several reasons, but mainly because of natural disasters, which are increasing in frequency and severity because of climate change”. He also pointed out that this initiative “may help us to increase the resilience of La Huerta and La Albufera region. Consequently, Valencia will become a healthier and more sustainable city, which is one of our goals set out in Missions València 2030”.

The ARCH project aims to enhance the resilience of heritage across Europe. The project seeks to build more resilient communities and bridge the gaps that have traditionally existed between domains like the adaptation to climate change, disaster risk reduction and heritage management.

Collaboration between stakeholders involved in the management of this heritage is necessary in order to ensure that risks posed by climate change are assessed properly, as well as to develop and implement relevant solutions.

In this sense, the project will aim to increase the value, protect and strengthen the peri-urban green and blue infrastructure: La Huerta and La Albufera. Other initiatives will also be carried out, like a Responsible Tourism Action Plan, systematisation and management of local knowledge on climate change and agriculture, and a campaign to raise awareness of adaptation to climate change.

For that purpose, several actors from civil society, public administrations, the private sector and academia/research will join forces.

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    This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 820999.

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