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We are working on local strategies to integrate adaptation to climate change into municipal planning


The "adapting the municipality step by step " video includes some guidelines to change important aspects in municipal management

Efren Feliu

The Spanish Office of Climate Change, Fundación Biodiversidad , the National Environmental Education Centre (CENEAM) in collaboration with the Network of Cities for the Climate, have organised specific training on "Adaptation to Climate Change in the Local Field".

Efrén Feliu, our head of “Adaptation to Climate Change” has coordinated the practical Workshop, "Elaboración de planes locales de adaptación al cambio climático" (Drawing up of local plans for climate change adaptation). The analysis of the impacts (flooding, thermal stress, landslides, etc.) with quantitative modelling compared to “expert judgement”; analysis de la exposure, vulnerability and risks; and the planning of the adaptation have been debated. A practical application of the "Guía para la elaboración Planes Locales de Adaptación al Cambio Climático" (Guide to the drawing up of local plans for climate change adaptation) has also been addressed.

The adapting the municipality step by step video includes some guidelines to change important aspects in the management of our municipalities and hence combat climate change.

Local adaptation strategies

The workshop and training action have focused on the integration of climate change in municipal planning, providing local managers with a set of useful and practical resources for the development of local adaptation strategies.

The aim was to promote the commitment between local entities in terms of aligned action for adaptation to climate change with initiatives, such as the Spanish Network of Cities for the Climate and the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy.

This training has been carried out within the framework of the LIFE SHARA project ("Sharing Awareness and Governance of Adaptation to Climate Change").

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