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Energy efficiency & planning


Sergio Saiz

Sergio Saiz

Director of Energy Efficiency & Planning

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We create opportunities for all the agents that cooperate on energy efficiency both electric and thermal in the residential, tertiary and industrial sectors.

We support the administration and the urban planner in its actions for a transition towards a low carbon economy as well as in the conceptualization of energy efficient Smart Cities. Our technological solutions aim to help industry for the implementation of more energy efficient process that turns it into a more competitive industry.

For these purposes we work on the following scopes: 


sistemas-termicos-eficientes-2Efficient Thermal Systems

Energy efficiency through the heat recovery, the heat conversion in electricity and the electricity in heat, the implantation of renewable/alternative energy sources in yhe process, as well as new thermal storage systems.

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planificacion-energeticaEnergy Strategy and Planning

Models for an ex ante evaluation of socio-economic and environmental impacts related to energy technologies and policies, as follow-up strategy to the transition energy process at district, city and region levels.

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In the framework of Energy Efficiency and Industrial Sustainability, at the European Energy Research Alliance TECNALIA coordinates the Joint Program of Economic, Enviromental and Social Impacts (e3s) and participates at the Smart Cities and Energy Efficiency and Industrial processess joint programs.

Relevant Infrastructures


Laboratory of thermal systems and energy efficiency

The Laboratory involves three main loops for water/fluid piping with a high precision regulation and control system and the related monitoring system. They supply 4 test areas for thermal performances of different equipment and systems. The laboratory allows the development and the test of active (chillers, water-water / air-water / air-air heat pumps, conditioning and air treatment units…) and passive equipment (heat exchangers, heat recovery units, thermal energy storage…). It has been also designed to support the development of thermal equipment and systems related to geothermal and aerothermal technologies, absorption and mass and energy transfer, ORC electric generation, thermal solar energy, thermal energy storage and smart systems for energy management.

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