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BIOPUR: Technology for Biopolyurethane Production

Rigid polyurethane foam for thermal insulation based on biomass-derived products not using isocyanates (NIPU) and presenting low toxicity levels.




CELL - Beyond the Zero Building

TECNALIA is the technological partner in terms of sustainability of “elBullifoundation” and will implement the CELL concept in its new facilities: a concept that, through energetically active materials, thermodynamic-photovoltaic hybrid systems, new BIPV systems, smart air conditioning, a new-generation thermal network, electric mobility (V2G) and the harnessing of wind power (windforest); will achieve a positive energy balance of the complex during the usage phase, and a neutral balance within the life-cycle.


Wireless Charging System

Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicles

Inductive charging system for electric vehicles, adaptable to the manufacturing of different vehicles, including systems for electronics, control and pricing (3.3 KW power and 80% transmission performance).




Superconductor wind generator that eliminates (almost entirely) resistive losses in direct current. It uses a high density current and high magnetic fields. It allows for more compact, reliable and efficient machines, thus reducing weight and volume by 30 to 50%.



NAUTILUS: Floating Platform for Off-shore Wind Turbines

Floating structure for off-shore deep water wind power plants, developed with proprietary towable technology "inspired by TECNALIA", that can be built in dry-dock or in the water.



High-capacity Redox Battery

Large-scale electric power storage system, based on metal-air galvanised pairs. Scalable battery in terms of power and energy, with great cyclability and useful life, high-efficiency cycles, cheaper than the existing batteries, with reduced operation costs, with costs that are independent from temporary factors, low-maintenance, non-toxic, which uses raw materials that are plentiful in nature..


Paisaje sonoro

Urban Solutions for a More Efficient and Comfortable City

Tools for planning and designing tailored solutions for specific problems... increasing the functionality of the city, reducing the consumption of resources, increasing comfortability and the quality of life of citizens. We provide support to urban planning architects, public administrations, urban fittings companies... in their initiatives to increase the value of the urban heritage and to ensure the sustainability of the actions developed at urban level.



RECMAT: Sustainable Recovery of Critical Materials in Waste.

TECNALIA develops a full range of solutions for the sustainable recovery of critical materials, i.e. those that due to their wide application and/or scarce presence in nature will have difficulties to cover their demand on a medium-to-long-term. TECNALIA searches for new methods to extract such elements (cobalt, magnesium, niobium, rare earths...) from different waste streams (electric-electronic sector, batteries, combustion ashes...).


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