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Electrical PTO Lab


A turbine emulator to simulate the mechanical output of an ocean energy device or wind turbine

Test bed features

  • Motor
  1. 15 kW motor nominal power
  2. 28 kW motor peak power
  3. 1460 rpm rated speed
  • Motor control
  1. Performed by a PC control board. Torque or speed commands updated every 5 ms
  2. Fully controllable in speed or torque control modes. Arbitrary torque or speed waveform references can be followed.
  3. Programmable user defined turbines characteristics under arbitrary sea states/sea currents/wind conditions can be programmed.
  • Generator
  1. It is possible to adapt the test bed as required by the user to accommodate different generators with different rotational speeds
  2. Currently the test bed is available with:

          11 kW 768 rpm 400 V squirrel cage induction generator

          10 kW 1500 rpm 400 V doubly fed induction generator

  • Generator control
  1. Performed by a PLC. Torque or speed commands updated every 10 ms
  2. Fully controllable in speed or torque control modes. Arbitrary torque or speed waveform references
  3. Programmable user defined control software
  • Inertia
  1. Currently installed with a 1 kgm2 flywheel
  2. Possibility to increase the inertia up to 8 kgm2

Grid connection

  1. Direct grid connection
  2. Grid connection through a full power back-to-back power converter
  3. Fully configurable grid available for the grid connection

          Programmable voltage waveforms

          Programmable  voltage sags

          Programmable frequency excursions

          Programmable harmonics

Services Offered

Ocean energy devices/wind turbine emulator. It allows to:

  • Step by step control design
  • Develop turbine control laws
  • Tune the controllers
  • Test the control software/hardware
  • Compare different control laws in terms of efficiency and power quality

In a controlled lab environment, reducing risks and development time before the deployment of the system.

It also allows to:

  • Repeat actual sea working conditions (based on field measurements) which lead to failures to debug the system.
  • Validate the device models

After the deployment of the system.

Support Offered

  • Customization of the test bed as required by the user before the tests
  • Introduce the users to the test bed operation and control software
  • Operation of the test bed and the configurable grid by Tecnalia staff
  • Support of electronic engineers from Tecnalia in technical issues related to the project
  • Support with the logistics

Typical projects/examples

The test bed has been used in the following projects:

  • Development of turbine and generator control algorithms for small scale wind turbines.
  • Development of wind turbine grid connection control algorithms and test under distorted grid conditions, including voltage sags, frequency variations and harmonics.
  • Small scale test for multi MW wind turbines.
  • Simulate the behaviour, adjust the drive parameters and test some parts of the control software of an oscillating water column under the CORES FP7 European project.


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