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Nanoparticle filtration under examination in a Workshop organized by Tecnalia


TECNALIA, together with the Basque Foundation of Sanitary Innovation and Investigation (BIOEF) and the FLUYTEC Company, are developing a novel nanoparticle filtration system under the SIFINA project

The results of the work will be presented in a workshop that will be held on March 21st at TECNALIA headquarters in Spain. The project has been intended to the study of the nanoparticles retention by several polymeric membranes types which are usually employed in water treatment plants. Moreover, an efficient nanoparticle filtration system on an industrial scale has been proposed.

Nowadays, we are beholding the so-called “XXI century industrial revolution”, a boom that implies the utilization of nanotechnology in many daily products. As usually happens with emerging technologies, this revolution goes ahead the legislative statutes that should govern the use of new types of materials whose toxicity has not been assessed yet. One of the main features of nanotechnology is its wide applications spectra: cleaning products, cosmetics, electronic devices, sport items, etc.

This nanomaterials ubiquity in daily products makes their arrival to WWTPs (Wastewater Treatment Plants) or to DWTPs (Drinking Water Treatment Plants) unavoidable. The behaviour of these materials in treatment facilities has been only studied in recent years. It seems clear that in WWTPs, nanoparticles sediment with treatment sewage while the behaviour in DWTPs filters remains unknown.

On the other hand, the novel properties that some materials present in their nano form make them a great alternative for many organic pollutants in water for which other treatments would be insufficient. In this sense, photocatalysis with suspended titanium dioxide nanoparticles is one of the most promising technologies for pesticides, hormones and pharmaceuticals removal from water. But the technique needs a filtration system to avoid the nanoparticles escape from the reactor. The current project could help to solve this problem that has not been satisfactorily resolved yet.

The workshop will start at 9.30 h in Derio (Spain) and will end up with a guided visit to Tecnalia facilities and to the pilot plant.

Registration is free of charge and you can contact at"> Limit places are available. Registration will be done in chronological order.

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