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We turn energy and environmental challenges into business opportunities.

We develop technological solutions for a decarbonized, decentralized and digitalized energy along the whole value chain of the energy sector.

We take profit of the opportunity niches arising from the renewable energy framework developing technological solutions for the exploitation of solar energy or offshore renewable energy.

Our capacities and experience in Smart Grids allow us to keep a leading position in technologies for the transport and the distribution of electric energy as well as in the integration into the network of generation and storage of distributed resources.

We anticipate the emerging activity of active users developing new electric and thermal services and solutions for the improvement of energy efficiency applied to different sectors (residential, tertiary, industrial…)

We are leading some horizontal technologies that will revolutionize the energy sector and will offer solutions for some of the critical needs that affect the whole energy value chain. These are technologies related with energy digitalization and with the improvement of materials and processes linked to the energy.

The horizontal technologies allow us to take advantage of the opportunities arising in the energy sector and to take advantage of the principal environmental niches that provide answers to challenges such as resources scarcity, process improvement, climate change, creation of healthy-comfortable habitats… In order to do so we develop technologies that promote a circular economy in the cities and in the industry as well as advanced services for meteorology, environment and sustainability.

Solar Energy

Our solutions for the solar energy generation involve technologies for the LCoE reduction of photovoltaic energy and high value photovoltaic applications for distributed generation scenarios answering the demands of big solar farms and self-consumption markets. We are experts in Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV).




Offshore Renewable Energy

Floating solutions for offshore wind energy allow the exploitation of the wind resource in deep waters where fixed solutions are technically or economically not feasible. Other solutions in offshore wind energy focus on turning this energy source competitive in comparison with other renewable sources. We work also in solutions for the exploitation of wave and tidal energy.

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Smart Grids and energy storage

These consist of solutions for efficient transport and distribution of electric energy and of the integration into the network of generation and storage of distributed resources. These solutions take into account simulation and assessment models; microgrid design; energy storage system design; tools for smart grids planning, operation, control and maintenance; and electronic developments for electric and industrial applications.



Energy efficiency & planning

We improve energy efficiency in the residential, tertiary and industrial sectors so that they can offer their services without diminishing any of their functions. Thermal equipment and systems design for the thermal energy recovery, heat-electricity conversion or thermal storage are some of our solutions. We also offer models for socio-economic-environmental impact assessment at district, urban and regional level related to technologies and to energy planning.

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Digital Energy

Technologies such as data analytics, big data, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital twins, cibersecurity… place digitalization at the service of a new energy system being safer, more efficient, smarter, more flexible and prepared to support new business models with a more active role of the consumer.



Materials and processes for energy and environment

We’re specialized in materials for harsh environments and surface engineering for solving industrial problems such as wear, fatigue, ageing, corrosion or thermal or electrical requirements.

In the field of sustainability, we offer technological solutions for the comprehensive use of biomass and secondary raw materials both in energy uses and for obtaining alternative raw materials.

Our solutions for waste valorization generate new business opportunities. We develop membranes and membrane reactors for an efficient and environmentally friendly gas production and separation. You’ll find interesting the new materials we design for emerging applications (including graphene) in energy (as electrodes or electrolytes) and environmental (desalinization) applications.

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Environment and Sustainability

Tools and solutions for a comprehensive management of the atmospheric pollution are offered, in order to support urban healthy-comfortable places and to increase the resilience of regions, cities and critical infrastructures against climate impacts. We promote the change of the current linear economic model based on consumption-production to a circular economy based model that generates new economic activities.

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We specialize in the use of statistical and numerical models for the exploitation of the meteorological information for business and social purposes. We act in the framework of the meteorological surveillance and forecasting; of the model development for climate change adaptation; the operative system for air quality surveillance; the dynamic management of electric networks, infrastructures, O&M, offshore energy, etc.




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