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UPV/EHU Summer Course - Research and Innovation in Frailty and Ageing

2018.06.21 - 2018.06.22

Venue: Miramar Palace (Donostia - San Sebastian)
Date: 2018.06.21 - 2018.06.22
Hours: From 9:00 to 18:00
Organiser: FALCO Initiative
Iraitz Manterola

In light of the challenge of an ageing population, in the next edition of the UPV/EHU Summer Courses, the FALCO initiative is organising a course under the title of “RESEARCH AND INNOVATION IN FRAILTY AND AGEING”, in which the advances in research in the field of frailty in different areas, such as Biology, Medicine and Technology will be shown from different aspects.

This course, which focuses on the syndrome of frailty, will be directed by Dr. Ander Matheu (Head of the Cell Oncology Group at the IIS Biodonostia ) and Iraitz Manterola (Project Manager in the Neurorehabilitation Department at TECNALIA).

The course will have three round tables: the first will show the social and health vision of the frailty syndrome, the second will offer a vision of the technological innovation in this field and the third will present the advances in research in frailty biomarkers. The impact of innovation in terms of frailty and ageing will be discussed from an industrial and strategy point of view in the Basque Country, and visibility will be given to companies that are innovative in this field.  In short, the aim is to generate a meeting point between the main actors involved in this area of work and in which the solutions being developed in this field will be displayed through the FALCO initiative.

The official languages of the course are Spanish and English. There will be no translation service.

Further information and registration:

For further information: Iraitz Manterola -

For further information

Iraitz Manterola -


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