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FIK: Technology for a better life


In 2017, the FIK initiative was launched with the objective of developing protectable industrial property assets in the field of Health and Life Quality in order to maximise personal autonomy, independence, health and life quality for the elderly with functional diversity, also enabling the generation of an economic fabric.

This initiative was created with twenty-six investment partners and an initial budget of approximately 50 million Euros for a period of 10 years (2007-2017) in the context of ageing and disability.

Over these 10 years and based on the objectives set, intense research activity has been carried out, leading to 35 research projects. These projects have been developed by a human team of 55 researchers from 14 nationalities on 3 continents.

From the point of view of the protection of industrial property, a total of 25 international patents have been generated, of which 16 have been granted or are in the application phase. After the protection of industrial property, over 200 scientific articles have been published in leading journals. 

As a result of the activity carried out by FIK, two companies have been set up (Textia S.L. and Fesia S.L.), with the aim of introducing products based on the technologies developed in diverse FIK projects on the market.

In the case of Textia S.L, its activity focuses on the exploitation of the technology developed within the framework of the Varstiff project, whilst in the case of Fesia S.L., its activity focuses on the exploitation of the technology created in three projects: IntFes, FES Drop Foot and FES Upper.

FIK is currently in the asset commercialisation phase, which will continue intensely in the future and will strive to maximise returns for investors.


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