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Advancements in new technological solutions for healthy ageing


With the aim of maintaining good functional capacity among the elderly, both physical and cognitive

In an effort to improve the quality of life of the elderly, TECNALIA is investigating new promotional measures for healthy ageing, by preventing frailty and functional impairment, in order to prevent the impacts of dependency and falls in the elderly, among other pathologies. 

Within the field of ageing, “frailty” is used to describe vulnerable elderly people who are at a high risk of suffering from adverse events. It is a syndrome associated with old age that is characterised by a reduction in functional reserve, and it is strongly associated with sarcopenia as it puts the elderly at risk of disability, hospitalisation and death caused by falls. The prevalence is high in people older than 65 years, as it ranges from 7 to 16% at this age and increases with time.

Frailty, in contrast to dependency, is reversible; interventions can be done to reverse or slow down the effects of frailty, in order to age with a greater quality of life and without being dependent in old age. Focussing on detecting and treating frailty both in health-care centres and in society in general is crucial in the interest of dependency prevention.

To respond to this challenge, and through the FALCO initiative, entities such as TECNALIA, BIODONOSTIA, VICOMTECH, CIDETEC, MATIA, TEKNIKER and UPV are collaborating on researching methods and new technological solutions to characterise, evaluate and treat frail and pre-frail individuals. The current research focuses on interventions through multi-component physical training (combining strength, resistance, balance and gait training) and cognitive programmes. TECNALIA is contributing to this initiative with its research into new technological solutions to evaluate and train balance and postural control among the elderly.

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