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Fesia has already reached 73% of the planned investment for the launch of its first rehabilitation devices


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Fesia has already covered 73% of the €800,000 they were asking for on the crowdfunding page Capital Cell. The aim is to fund the launch of their first two products for the rehabilitation of stroke patients, and to become a benchmark for functional electrical stimulation

Following the round of investment, both devices will be launched onto the market to address the current market limitations in this technology, as well as to offer users new advantages. Anyone who may be interested in supporting the project can go to the Capital Cell website and make an investment of at least €1,000.

With the collaboration of TECNALIA, Fesia will launch its first device onto the market at the end of the year. It is a wireless technological device that simplifies the use of functional electrical stimulation, so that more stroke patients can recover in an individualised way. There is also a second device planned for 2019. With both rehabilitation devices on the market, the aim is to reach sales of around €1M by 2020.

FESIA was started up in 2016 with the aim of improving the quality of life of stroke patients and those affected by other neuromuscular diseases in all of the stages of their rehabilitation process, using medical devices based on a new technology of functional electrical stimulation.

Make the most of this chance to invest through Capital Cell and thanks to your contribution we will manage to make rehabilitation faster, more versatile and more efficient!

The round of investment closes in 43 days!

Don't miss the chance to take part! 

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