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Histocell and Tecnalia join forces to develop medicine for bone regeneration


Strategic alliance means new model of technological centre-business cooperation

Jesús Valero y Julio Font
The strategic alliance agreement is signed by Jesús Valero and Julio Font, on behalf of Tecnalia and Histocell, respectively

Within the framework of the Biospain 2010 Trade Fair, held in Pamplona, the Health Unit at Tecnalia and the Histocell biotechnological company announced a strategic alliance for the joint development of a new product in the field of regenerative medicine.

The agreement will enable taking advantage of Tecnalia’s complementary knowledge in the field of biomaterials and that of Histocell in the field of cell therapy, in order to obtain medication for repairing defects in large bones.

The aim of both Basque bodies is to be able to provide an answer for the 200,000+ patients who suffer a critical loss of bone mass annually as a consequence of accidents involving bone breaks or bone tumours.

The agreement is a new paradigm in the cooperation between a technological centre and a private-sector company, as the two bodies equally share both the investment needed for the development of the project as well as the proprietorship and exploitation rights of the results.

Tecnalia Research & Innovation, the foremost private applied research centre In Spain and fifth in Europe, is made up of the Tecnalia Technological Corporation which in turn is made up of AZTI-Tecnalia and NEIKER-Tecnalia. Tecnalia is a multidisciplinary, private and independent corporation, contributing to the development of the economic and social environment through technological innovation. 52% of its income comes from activities developed by large companies and by small and medium-sized enterprises (“pymes” in the Spanish acronym) that are innovative and that receive services and products from Tecnalia that are reflected in their business results and in the welfare of society at large.

Tecnalia activity, within the framework of the current agreement, will be financed through Aukera. This is an initiative, launched by Tecnalia on 4 June 2009, which aspires to some 30 private-initiative R+D+i projects launched between 2009 and 2010 having the backing of TECNALIA and being developed and exploited jointly with companies.

Histocell biotechnological company specialises in tissue engineering and cell therapy and forms part of the Noray BG (Noray Biosciences Group) enterprise group.

This is the second Spanish company to obtain “Cell Therapy Medication Manufacturing Laboratory” accreditation from the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products, awarded for its White Room, which will enable manufacturing cell therapy medicines authorised by the European Union.

Histocell places this project within its therapeutic programme for bone regeneration, developed in collaboration with the SALVAT pharmaceutical company, both having reached an agreement to collaborate on the development of a new cell therapy medicine.

Other Histocell therapeutic programmes include Articulation Regeneration, Cicatrisation and Neuro-regeneration.

Source: Tecnalia - Histocell

Further information

Tecnalia – Germán Lasa (943 003 700)
Histocell – Elia Fernández (94 656 7900)


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