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Over 20 international experts will discuss the future of technologies for the aging in Bilbao


The Ambient Assisted Living Association (AALA), the largest European organisation dedicated to technologies for the aging, will hold a summit in Spain for the first time in June

The Basque Government, OSAKIDETZA, the Ambient Assisted Living Association (AALA) and the TECNALIA research centre are organising this summit that aims to identify the barriers that prevent the marketing of solutions for citizens and how to overcome them

The Ambient Assisted Living Association (AALA), the largest European organisation dedicated to technologies for the aging, will hold a summit in Spain for the first time in June. The venue chosen for this event is Bilbao, as acknowledgement of the progress achieved in the Basque Country in recent years on aging, to the point of becoming a European benchmark.


More than two dozen international experts will gather at this conference, which is expected to attract around 600 attendees, to discuss the lack of harmony between social needs and the marketing of technological developments that respond to those needs. The purpose is to showcase aging as an opportunity for businesses, boost investment and encourage the deployment of large-scale solutions.


Through conferences such as "What is the added value of AAL solutions? Do technological solutions meet users' demands?", "Aging: health and economic and social implications" and "What acts as a catalyst for industry and what are the benefits for investors?" the barriers affecting the market today that interfere with the marketing and use of technological solutions by citizens who really need them will be identified. The key is to find new ways to overcome these barriers, to allow the marketing of these products and services.


With this in mind, it is necessary to address the design of new public policies - regional and national -, to analyse the real needs of potential buyers and end-users with a view to aligning the supply and demand.


This conference is aimed at new opportunity investors; companies that are committed to technology transfer, those interested in participating in the development of current policies, i.e. investors, entrepreneurs, industry, innovators, researchers and policy makers at regional, national and international levels.


The conference will be held in the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao from 27 to 29 June. People interested in attending may register at the following website:


Experts on aging


The summit will feature speakers of international renown, including: Mike Biddle, Chairman of AAL - Ambient Assisted Living - and leader of the ALIP (Assisted Living Innovation Platform) technological platform strategic committee in the UK; Maria Iglesia Gomez, Head of the Innovation Strategy Unit. DG SANCO. European Commission.  Paul Timmers, Director of Directorate H: ICT addressing societal challenges, DG INFSO, European Commission, and Alejandro Ruelas-Gossi, Academic Director of the Adolfo Ibáñez School of Management, Miami, USA.


Aging, a multisector opportunity


The elderly population is growing globally at an annual rate of 2.6% and this trend is expected to accelerate even more than that of other age groups at least until 2050, making it necessary to review available resources and to readapt them to new social changes. According to forecasts, by 2045 the number of elderly people will exceed that of the child population for the first time.


Consequently, an aging population requires a new range of needs while creating a market full of opportunities for the business world. It is necessary to provide solutions to society's changing needs; a society with a higher life expectancy and that needs to improve its quality of life in a technological period that the world has never seen before. This generates a multisector business opportunity to provide society with a wide range of services and products aimed at improving people's quality of life.


The organisers


The Basque Government's leadership in seeking and developing new, better and more sustainable ways to address chronic issues and aging, plus the high level technological development in the health sector of TECNALIA, the first private research centre in Spain, have led the world-class organisation, AAL - Ambient Assisted Living Association, to hold this international social and health event with a strong technological component in Spain.



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