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everis Centers: excellence in the optimisation of software development processes and service provision


Since 2004, Tecnalia has been the reference organisation for everis Centers on this long path of continuous improvement towards excellence

everis Centers is a division of everis, structured into a network of high performance centres distributed geographically in Spain (Alicante, Murcia, Seville and Salamanca), Portugal (Lisbon), Morocco (Tetouan) and Latin America (Temuco-Chile, Tucumán-Argentina, Uberlandia-Brazil, Trujillo-Peru) and is under constant expansion. everis Centers also includes an operations centre in Madrid, which acts as a coordinator between the different centres and integrates common initiatives to ensure operational homogeneity.

The strategic goal of everis Centers is the optimisation of production costs. This is achieved through the homogenisation of production and management processes, and the implementation of an integrated ecosystem of tools. These, in turn, automate the handling of the internal work-flow and offer support in specific technical issues, regardless of the geographical location of the centres.

The reference action framework for everis Centers has been CMMI© since 2004. CMMI© is still a reference for the permanent improvement cycles of its software development processes and IT service provision, in which the usefulness of the solution for the organisation's global business is always the priority. everis Centers has been a Level 5 CMMI©-DEV organisation since 2012 and Level 3 CMMI©-SVC since 2018. This latest evaluation is the largest assessment carried out in Spain and the third in the world. It has a scope of 9 centres distributed geographically and applying a multi-model evaluation scheme for software development and service provision, renewing Level 5 CMMI©-DEV and reaching Level 3 CMMI©-SVC.

This approach has not hindered the introduction of agile work methodologies based on Kanban and SCRUM.

Since 2004, Tecnalia has been the reference organisation for everis Centers on this long path of continuous improvement towards excellence More specifically, the team of professionals of the IT Processes platform of the ICT Division, with Giuseppe Satriani as leader of this initiative, has guided the client on the transformation of its production and management processes, and the subsequent cultural change.


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