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INREDIS enhances quality of life of disabled persons


With a budget of 23.6 million euros, INREDIS is developing basic research in the field of accessible technologies over the 2007-2010 period

The INREDIS project, funded with a budget of 23.6 million euros, is working on basic research into accessible technologies that will enable the greater autonomy of persons with some sort of special needs and in any environment, thus facilitating their everyday tasks.

As a Public Research Body (OPI) and under the auspices of Ibermática, the Software Unit at Tecnalia is taking part in the INREDIS project. The project, formed by a consortium of 14 companies, has the participation of 18 research bodies and is lead by Technosite, the technological body of the ONCE Foundation (the Spanish Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired).

The objective of INREDIS is to define what persons with special needs (mainly those with audition, mobility and vision needs) are lacking in domestic and educational terms, as well as at work and in the urban environment. The proposal is to develop accessible technologies that enable them to undertake everyday tasks with greater ease, speed, efficacy and safety.

The project aims to make a technological leap, developing an easy system for use which includes aspects of enhancement related with the capacity for communication, accessibility and safety. The aim is also for the system to be compatible with devices currently in use (such as the mobile telephone or a remote control), as well as new devices that will come on to the market in the future.

In this way, a person with disability will be able to carry out daily tasks through his or her mobile telephone or other devices that are specifically designed to this effect: they can put the washing machine on, turn on the TV or pay with their credit card, and which will enable the creation of new channels of communication and interaction between people who have some kind of special need and their surrounding environment.

The technological results of the project will have great social repercussion worldwide, as they form part of an important advance in the field of accessibility of groups of persons with disability, helping to notably improve their quality of life.

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