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Tecnalia. Inspiring Business

Tecnalia and Ibermática present a management model for people, enabling accelerating the process of organisational change


Presentation of People CMM model will take place on 21 October at Bizkaia Technological Park

Tecnalia and Ibermática are to present a management enhancement model - known as People CMM -, the aim of which is to implement good practices in the management of persons in order to effect organisational change - a fundamental aspect for the success of any programme for improving processes. The presentation of the model will take place on the 21st of October at the ESI in the Bizkaia Technological Park in Zamudio.

With this model, an organisation can establish a series of actions that mange to attract, motivate and retain highly qualified personnel for the company, establish priorities for enhancing the capacity of the organisation as regards its personnel, as well as foment the management of human talent and capital.

This event is especially recommended for those organisations involved in processes enhancement programmes or who follow advanced practices in the management of projects. Those attending will be able to get to know, at first hand, the advantages of implementing good practices using the People CMM model in their organisations.

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