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Tecnalia. Inspiring Business

BIEMH 2018 - International machine tool biennial exhibition

2018.05.28 - 2018.06.01

Venue: Bilbao Exhibition Centre - BEC. Ronda Azkue 1, 48902 - Barakaldo
Date: 2018.05.28 - 2018.06.01
Duration: 5 days
Organiser: BEC - Bilbao Exhibition Centre

Once more, TECNALIA will be present at the BIEMH 2018 fair as a key agent for the deployment of Industry 4.0 and for DIGITALISATION as a driver for industrial competitiveness.

The arrival of the digital world to the factories gave rise to Industry 4.0, and the new paradigm is to achieve a permanent connection between both worlds as a key to efficiency and competitiveness in the future. This purpose led to the so-called "digital twin", which we will present at the fair. It consists of the virtual model of a process or product that digitally reproduces the behaviour and performance of its real version, to which is paired with the highest fidelity. Its operation is based on feedback with information from their respective environments (actual physical and optimal virtualised) allowing a rapid and effective evolution towards zero-defect versions, more efficient and adapted to their environment.

In this context, we are working on the implementation in the industry of these virtual replicates of factories and their production processes, in order to predict faults and anomalous behaviour, and to achieve advanced processes and products adapted to any circumstance in real time. This is how it will be presented in the next edition of BIEMH. This new technology proposes to take advantage of the cyber-physical system generated in the product design to feed information of said asset in operation, analyse how it behaves with different stimuli and check the consequences to enrich future assets, so that new product units can be optimised.

Additionally, it will respond to issues and challenges that industrial digitalisation will bring to companies. This will require to reinvent traditional manufacturing and production models so as to remain competitive. And above all, it will prove that industry 4.0 is the “smart” solution to achieve the same. A transformation that we undertake at TECNALIA with the technology as a driver for growth.

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