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We collaborate in digitalising sts port cranes


Predicrane: a predictive maintenance solution

Proyecto Predicrane_mantenimiento predictivo

Together with Zeuko  we have launched the Predicrane initiative to digitalise STS port cranes. It carries out predictive maintenance and makes it possible to diagnose and anticipate faults in these assets that are critical to the operation of ports.

This solution will bring significant operational and economic benefits to port activity. It will provide information to reduce to a great length unplanned downtime of STS cranes. This in turn will directly impacts the capacity of the port terminal and have knock-on financial implications, as they are assets that are difficult to replace. It will also make it easier to carry out scheduled repairs, reduce corrective maintenance and minimise unnecessary preventive maintenance activities, saving the associated costs.

Predicrane is part of a sectoral trend towards innovative data-based solutions that integrate the different activity environments of the port. There is a general consensus on the need to incorporate intelligence into processes and optimise  logistics in the port. However, not much progress is being made in a process that is as critical to port activity as maintenance.

The incorporation of new predictive maintenance technologies could be key in this operational improvement process, as it makes it possible to increase the availability of machines, reduce maintenance costs, ensure the quality of the product and extend the useful life of production assets.

Analytical or predictive maintenance provides reliable information on the present and future health condition of assets so that an optimal maintenance plan can be devised. Different perspectives have been considered in this process: discovering what has happened in the past and why; estimating what will happen in the future; identifying the actions required to ensure that expected failures occur within the most appropriate maintenance window; and minimising the impact on production and maintenance costs.

According to Ismael Bienvenido, MD of Zeuko and head of digital transformation, “We have abandoned the paradigm of maintenance to correct what is broken, and have entered a new paradigm of connectivity, where the adequate treatment of the enormous amount of data available will make a difference.”.

Zeuko is providing its expertise in the maintenance and digitisation of industrial assets, specifically port cranes. We are providing our technological tools and models in the field of analytical maintenance.

Predicrane is carried out under SPRI's Basque Industry 4.0 aid programme. It supports industrial research and experimental development projects that are focused on technology transfer from “technology suppliers” to industrial manufacturing companies in the field of EITTs (Electronic, Information and Telecommunications Technologies) applied to advanced manufacturing.

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