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We promote circular economy models in the field of composite materials and electric mobility


DigiPrime is increasing the percentage of demanufactured waste and re-integrating it into the value chain


DigiPrime is increasing the percentage of demanufactured waste and re-integrating it into the value chain

DigiPrime’s digital platform is verifying and developing, on a massive scale, the value chain and processes associated with re-use, remanufacture and recycling of waste generated by various sectors of activity, especially the automotive industry.

To fulfil this goal, the services provided will focus on meeting the following challenges:

  • Increasing the added value of demanufacturing processes that are not economically viable for the time being
  • Identifying and aligning supply and demand, currently unknown by the actors involved
  • Providing information and services that help identify assessment opportunities
  • Optimising any recycling processes that do not ensure technical feasibility at the present time
  • Associating supply with demand across the board
  • Integrating innovation services with a multi-sectoral approach structured in nodes that enable the enhancement and integration of data and services.
  • Comprehensively validated through six intersectoral pilot projects, compiled in 20 use cases and covering five European industrial sectors: automotive, renewable energy, electronics, textiles and construction, as well as other pilot projects in new areas funded through open calls.

TECNALIA focuses mainly on automotive waste and, when necessary, shall consider waste from other sectors such as wind energy.

We analyse the waste belonging to the family of composites and technopolymers, focusing the work on the processes associated with the recycling of materials. In addition, we are developing modules with algorithms to help with decision-making during the most critical phases or processes, which will be perfected as the initiative moves forward. In order to optimise the recycling processes we shall implement digital twins. In this way, data is monitored and generated for use in value-added services.

The inter-regional pilot case shall apply to the Basque Country (Spain), identifying and integrating innovation centres and value chains.

DigiPrime is a project of the H2020 Programme which will involve 36 patrons from 12 European countries and will last for four years.

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