Power electronics laboratory – THOR

Laboratorio de electrónica de potencia - THOR

3300 V and 1.25 MW fully controllable infrastructure for testing high power equipment.

This laboratory makes it possible to test power converters under controlled conditions that that simulate real grid connection situations.. The installation is based on a multilevel converter developed in-house which can be expanded to 5 MW.


This infrastructure makes it possible to validate the performance of power equipment for:

  • Changes in voltage and frequency.
  • Voltage sags.
  • Presence of voltage harmonics.
  • Testing of active / reactive power variations in equipment
  • Checking whether a device being tested complies with any grid code or how its operation affects grid quality.
  • Fully flexible scheduling of these events. It is possible to enter input data files provided by the customer (field data or data generated at the customer's premises).
  • Possibility of characterising manufacturers' products at a relevant power in a friendly environment, prior to connecting them to the grid.

The core of the installation is a custom-made high power multi-level converter. The most important characteristics of the laboratory are:

  • Power: 1.25 MW that can be expanded to 5 MW.
  • Operating mode: operation in four quadrants.
  • Output AC voltage: up to 3.3 kV.
  • Fundamental frequency of a harmonic: from 0 to 75 Hz.
  • Harmonics: capacity to generate up to the tenth harmonic. The amplitude and frequency of the harmonics are fully configurable.
  • Possibility of working with configuring the voltage or current source.
  • The laboratory parameters are controlled by a SCADA.

Aimed at:

Manufacturers of electrical equipment.

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