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International Presence

Open innovation

Innovation Strategies is actively present in various countries that promote innovation management as a competitiveness factor to foster development in their regions.

The Division had especific activity in countries such as Chile, India, Finland, China or Bulgary and, nowaday, it is present in:

  • COLOMBIA: TECNALIA promotes the competitiveness of Colombia's regions through innovation management with intensive support of ICT as a lever. In particular, it has promoted the tourism sector by making companies more competitive, applying the “Technological Maturity Model” (a methodology that works together with companies to digitalise their processes).
  • PANAMA: a country that is highly interested in reducing the digital divide, with the support of the main trailblazing universities, being aware of the importance of implementing the usage of ICT in all areas of life. TECNALIA certifies the ICT knowledge of its citizens.
  • PERU: clearly promotes R&D&I with institutional support to favour the deployment of initiatives that contribute to the country's technological development. In this context, TECNALIA has entered into a collaboration agreement with the IPAE - Innnovation Center to promote the importance of implementing R&D&I policies in this country.
  • EGYPT: TECNALIA is developing this country's science and technology plan with the aim of creating a strategic R&D&I plan that will enable it to face new challenges and increase its competitiveness.

International Platforms and Networks

The Innovation Strategies Division is present in many countries through alliances with the most prestigious European technology corporations. These alliances prepare the way in the market for innovation, which TECNALIA also offers Public Administrations and the business sector.



Institute for Innovation Policy

TECNALIA has created, together with JRC, TNO and VTT, the Joint Institute for Innovation Policy (JIIP). JIIP is a European institute, based in Brussels, which carries out research on innovation and technological change, factors and international actors that affect it and also its economic, social and environmental impact.


EARTO-Eurotech Security Research Group

It also takes part in EARTO-Eurotech Security Research Group, joining forces to promote joint initiatives in the emerging field of Research and Innovation in Internal Security, with organisations such as Fraunhofer, FOI, CEA and SINTEF.

Other alliances


Erawatch Network


Fundación OPTI


Knowledge 4 Innovation


Society for Organizational Learning Foundation

Platforms & Networks

Logo ESI@net

Red ESI@net

International network of sales partners marketing TECNALIA's solutions throughout the world.

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Logo ESICenter


Regional centres of excellence that implement, alone or in collaboration with TECNALIA, the solutions proposed by TECNALIA in their region.

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Plataforma eVIA

Plataforma eVIA

Spanish Technological Platform for Health, Welfare and Social Cohesion technologies

It also takes part in eVIA with the aim of promoting joint initiatives in the area of social innovation, to achieve social welfare and cohesion, from a technological point of view, with entities such as Fundación ONCE, AMETIC, Carlos III Institute of Health and the Red Cross, amongst others.


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