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BABELIUM an open source web platform for interactive speaking practice


Babelium: We can only learn to speak by speaking!

The Tower of Babel is a well-known story that portrays the challenge that multilingual communication can create. This story provided the inspiration for the name given to Babelium, a project that is promoted and co-funded by the European Commission within the Leonardo da Vinci frame of the Lifelong Learning Programme. Nowadays the need to speak a second language is becoming more of a necessity in our multicultural society. Babelium has been developed to address this need and promote language learning.

Language skills can be essential when dealing with foreign clients and colleagues. Students doing an Erasmus or internship abroad also need these skills. Moreover, speaking the language of a country can make visiting it much more rewarding and can sometimes be vital for circumstances when we are in need of help.

We want to make your learning of languages easier and more efficient and, with this aim in mind; we have developed an online resource that can be adapted to fit your schedule. This resource can also be used as an additional tool for language teachers who want to make their classes more interesting and varied. In both applications, Babelium focuses on developing oral expression skills in language learning.

Babelium is for anyone who wants or needs to improve his/her oral language skills. It can also be used by language teachers seeking an efficient tool to aid their students’ learning.

Using a Creative Commons license, we provide hundreds of video exercises suitable for a diverse audience, including:

·         Managers and employees who need to deal with foreign clients and workers

·         Students who need to prepare for an internship or Erasmus

·         Immigrants who want to integrate quickly into their new community

·         People of all ages who want to travel abroad and learn more about different cultures by communicating with the local people in their language

·         Teachers and trainers looking for an effective didactic tool to help develop speaking skills.

You only need a computer that is equipped with a microphone and webcam. Many of us have now this technology at home. You can try it now visiting:

Once you log in, you can start working with people you know, for example, your teacher and fellow students, or you can meet new people on the platform. These people may be native or non-native speakers but they will all be there to learn and will help you towards achieving your own learning objectives.

As a result, the project has ended up providing an open source, collaborative, web platform with more than 250 open video-content in English, German, Spanish and French languages, tried-and-tested for dissemination and freely available for both end-users and developers.

Babelium is providing:

·         A new approach in second language oral expression practicing and learning for learners and trainers in language training centres. The learning process is easier, more attractive and available

·         The possibility of applying the innovative methodology to address the learning needs of disadvantaged people, e.g.: migrants, immigrants and people with economical resources problems

·         A public portfolio of second-language students produced recordings, classified by specialist (language teachers) according to overall quality

·         The necessary platform to support all processes:

·         School oriented administration panel

·         An official Moodle plugin to incorporate Babelium in the most used Learning Management System (LMS). Babelium provides a new assignment type: Babelium assignment. Students will be able to record themselves and get teacher's evaluation.

·         New videos and models recorded by native speakers:

o   English 81 (44 models)

o   French 55 (32 models)

o   German 54 (29 models)

o   Spanish 61 (33 models)

·         A mobile version (beta version)

·         HTML5 version (prototype)

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