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WAKE UP: disconnect to reconnect. TECNALIA presents our offer to companies with the initiative called.

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We co-create business opportunities with the companies. We evaluate each company and its environment, by visualising its future and translating all this into an Opportunity Map with ideas and projects that provide a response to any strategic innovation challenge for the company.

The link between strategy and technology is our competitive advantage in this process.



 OUR SOLUTION: Opportunity Map

The Opportunity Map is a methodology based on flexible and adaptable actions that Tecnalia uses to co-create the innovation strategies along with its clients. It consists of the following issues:

TECNALIA's Opportunity Map includes:

Trends and challenges

The monitoring of social trends and challenges is inherent to Tecnalia. We have specialists on this topic who obtain important information on this environment. This enables us to identify in an appropriate and discerning way the most suitable business opportunities for the company.


Turning the opportunity into a reality

Our work is not over once the opportunity is identified – it is tested, validated, and the means to develop it are put at the company's disposal, thanks to our multisectorial technological experts.

Business Opportunities

After the first stage, the identification of new products/services begins in the fields in which some business opportunities were detected. At this point an exhaustive contrast is made with the market of the selected product/service. To this end, Tecnalia puts at its clients’ disposal its wide sectorial contact network.

Effective leadership

We have a team of professionals that will help you maximise the value of your staff so that they contribute to the organisational changes that your company needs.

We will help you to identify and create high performance teams and leaders who will help you materialise the change you need for your return on invest.

Business Model

We co-design the most suitable business model that maximises the deployment of the business opportunity.

We establish the bridge that is required between the market and identified needs, and the company's abilities.

New Products and Markets

The work with Tecnalia does not stop when the project ends. It is just the beginning of a long-term relationship that will always enable you to have a clearer and distinguishing view of where to find business opportunities.




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