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Innovation policies

"Our technological approach and expertise in the sector is what make us different.

We are a step ahead of future challenges by means of technology surveillance and our research activity, and we offer advice on the definition, implementation and assessment of innovation policies and programmes that promote regional competitiveness and generate optimal environments for economic and social development.

Products & Services:

  • Technology surveillance:

Technological prospecting and surveillance of technology and innovation trends

Creation of sectorial strategy observatories

Policies, strategies and programmes that promote regional competitiveness. Benchmarking

  •  Policies:

Definition, development and implementation of technological, industrial, scientific and innovative policies

Definition, development and implementation of innovation and internationalisation programmes

Assessment of policies and programmes before, during and after their implementation

  •  Regional development and competitiveness

Definition of national and regional innovation systems

Definition, development and implementation of innovation programmes to promote business competitiveness

Networking development to promote regional innovation and development

Creation of technological, research and innovation centres


Technology & Society

"We naturalize the use of technology in all walks of life

Following the “Smart Life” philosophy, we create suitable conditions so that responsible technology use allows the development of a smart, enquiring and permeable society that will be able to tackle current and future social challenges and favour more empowerment of people.

We naturalise the use of technology in all walks of life with the aim of

  • Humanising and fostering its responsible use
  • Fostering technology transfer environments
  • Narrowing the technological gap
  • Simplifying and facilitating access to technology
  • Developing technological competence of users and increasing the companies’ competitiveness through technology, thus fostering regional technological development


We analyse the environment in order to detect scopes where the correct use of technology could contribute to improving people’s lives. We develop methodologies, tools and technologies that generate transfer environments, which allow to have the technology quickly and effectively.

Product and services:

  • EDUCATION AND LEARNING : We develop technological methodology and solutions that improve people’s technological competitiveness through education/learning innovation systems which provide empowerment to society.
  • GOVERNANCE, PARTICIPATION AND COLLABORATION: We develop methodologies, tools and technologies based on users’ real needs following HUMAN-CENTRED philosophy
  • ORGANISATIONS' COMPETITIVENESS:  We contribute to the effective inclusion of technology in organisations through the development of new models and tools in order to improve their operation and competitiveness.
  • FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY: We study new ways to collaborate using technology and offering innovative solutions that provide stable participation systems.



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