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Nem Solutions

“TECNALIA has been, is and we hope it will continue being a strategic collaborator of NEM Solutions for the development of impact technology”.

Oihana Mendizabal
Services & Customer Relationship Director de NEM Solutions

“Listening to your assets”

About us

NEM Solutions is a company that was founded in 2007 in order to turn digitalisation and advanced data analytic processes (in the mobility and energy sectors) into a unique, revolutionary and memorable experience. The A.U.R.A. patented technology offers an approachable and collaborative environment for customers for strategic decision-making in the field of operation and maintenance. NEM Solutions increases the productivity of its customers’ business through machine data, extending the life cycle and generating new knowledge that increases competitive advantage.

Believe today to see tomorrow

NEM Solutions places the key to its success on constant innovation, together with its company values: non-conformism, diversity and courage. Innovation is part of its nature and way of understanding the business. Thanks to the command of Big Data technology, they are capable of creating new collaborative scenarios for decision-making in environments with a high degree of uncertainty.

Since its creation, TECNALIA has been a key technological partner for NEM Solutions. Ten years ago, DATA was not BIG, and a joint research project served to turn an idea into a sustainable and scalable business line. Ten years later, NEM Solutions is still gaining clients every month and is recognised on the market.

European Innovation Award 2017

A.U.R.A. technology, based on Big Data, industrialised and patented by NEM Solutions, with the collaboration of TECNALIA, has won the European Innovation Award 2017, granted by EARTO, in the “Impact Delivered” category, which recognises the best practice for technology transfer and is already being applied worldwide in the wind power and railway sectors.


There are currently different joint research lines aimed at creating different solutions for Industry 4.0, such as:

  • Diagnosis and prognosis of assets for the optimisation of operations and maintenance strategies.
  • Holistic vision of Maintenance 4.0 aimed at customer’s needs
  • Adaptation of the onshore wind power experience to the special conditions in offshore environments
  • Integration of multi-disciplinary technologies to prioritise and reduce maintenance costs