Laboratory service

Technical support in BIM

Asistencia técnica en BIM

We offer BIM (Building Information Modelling) support to building and infrastructure projects in the different phases of the project, implementation and management / maintenance .


Project Support:

We can generate BIM models based on point clouds that represent the real construction environment. It is extremely useful for renovation, refurbishment and/or restoration projects to generate base documentation (Real Status).

Works Support:

We are able to rapidly verify the As-Built status of a construction project through the comparison of 3D scanning data (point clouds) with the design model (BIM model).

Maintenance support:

We update the BIM design model with all of the information and changes generated in the works and commissioning of the building or infrastructure, so that these models can be used in the maintenance of the asset.

We can also link maintenance systems databases (CMMS) to the BIM maintenance model. These solutions can be configured in local and/or Cloud servers, making all of the information more accessible and the management tools more manageable.

Aimed at:

  • Architecture Studios
  • Engineering Firms
  • Construction Companies and Developers
  • Public Administrations
Catálogo de servicios en edificación y obra civil

Technological services in building and civil works brochure (Spanish)

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Catálogo de escáner 3D para modelado BIM

3D scanner for BIM modelling brochure (Spanish)

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