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TECNALIA and the University of Bordeaux strengthen the innovation ecosystem in the Euroregion


They signed a strategic framework agreement with a special emphasis in fields of Advanced & Additive Manufacturing, Neurotechnology and Advanced Materials

The University of Bordeaux (UB) and TECNALIA have strengthened their relationship by signing a collaboration framework agreement with the ultimate goal of developing jointly technology solutions to solve market needs and increase the competitiveness of companies in the Nouvelle Aquitaine- Euskadi- Navarre Euroregion. The signature took place earlier today in the context of the Euskampus Board of Trustees, as both organisations are members.

This agreement is focused on the areas of Advanced & Additive Manufacturing, Neurotechnology, Advanced Materials and the Euskampus poles of knowledge (Renewable Marine Energies, New Materials, Aquatic and Land Ecosystems, Industry 4.0, Health Sciences & Technologies and Data Science & Digitalisation). Besides, and in order to transform knowledge into GDP, it foresees activities such as, business development, joint value proposition, joint research programs, programs and initiatives in the ventures and entrepreneurship fields, etc.

Due to this agreement, TECNALIA and the UB face 2019 full of projects and activities, with a special emphasis on industrial technology transfer projects, joint research and development of technology assets and the systematization and fostering of joint business development activities.

Two Advanced & Additive Manufacturing projects have been spotted already to fulfil this vision. The first concerns the recurrent industrial need for in-situ analysis of Additive Manufacturing processes and led to a UB measurement campaign on a TECNALIA set-up for a model case study. The second, relies on another industrial demand concerning the development of wear-resistant materials for extreme conditions. UB knowledge in the development of specific raw materials will be implemented into the industrial set-up, in addition to the know-how of TECNALIA concerning the required properties and set of parameters.

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