TEXTIA: Products and solutions based on a smart textile


Varstiff® technology makes it possible to vary the rigidity of a layered laminate by compressing it into an airtight container and controlling the negative pressure.

This technology makes it possible to create sheets of different shapes and thicknesses, which vary from flexible (mouldable) to rigid (moulded), with this process being reversible.

Potential Market

  • Various industries: textile, health, mobile phones and the automotive sector.

Current market situation

TEXTIA offers a multitude of possibilities for a single technology with a platform strategy vision. We help our customers make the most of Varstiff® to develop disruptive products to impact the market. TEXTIA is currently promoting projects with 3 companies aimed at integrating the material into new products.

Phase: Launch onto the market
Employees: 1
Offices: Ermua – ES
Funding rounds: 2
Co-investors: FIK, Izarra Foundation, SPRI

We are searching for

  • Investors