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TECNALIA collaborates on the drafting of the “long-term strategy for energy retrofitting in the construction sector in Spain”


The works have been carried out in conjunction with the Spanish Ministry for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda’s Directorate General for Urban Agenda and Architecture

TECNALIA has carried out the comparative analysis of innovative funding models and support policies for retrofitting in European Union member states. The study was divided in two stages. In the early stage the general approach of retrofitting public policies was analysed in two countries, France and Germany, which were selected based on the interest and relevance of their policies in recent years .

In the second stage of the study, specific good practices in EU member states were examined, organised into six themed categories: financing and investment mobilisation; accumulation of projects and industrialisation: financing through urban development (increases in development potential); policies to reduce energy poverty; One Stop Shops (OSS) and "turnkey” services; and Building Renovation Passport/Energy Passport.

For each of these experiences, the possibility of them being applied in Spain was examined and recommendations were put forward for their transfer. In addition, the key elements for the design of an energy retrofitting financing programme for the building stock were overviewed.

It must be pointed out that the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) independent consultant rated the Spanish strategy as excellent and the Best Strategy presented. 

Further information

  • Contact our colleague">Patricia Molina
  • Long-term strategy for energy retrofitting in the construction sector in Spain, ERESEE 2020.
  • Article 2 bis of Directive 2010/31/EU of 19th May 2010 on the energy performance of buildings, modified by Directive (EU) 2018/844, sets out that Each Member State shall establish a long-term renovation strategy to support the renovation of the national stock of residential and non-residential buildings, both public and private, into a highly energy efficient and decarbonised building stock by 2050, facilitating the cost-effective transformation of existing buildings into nearly zero-energy buildings.
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