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Tecnalia. Inspiring Business

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From our technological know-how, the close collaboration with our clients and the far-sighted approach, we focus towards a clear goal: to identify and develop business opportunities to turn them into competitive advantages for our clients.

We provide efficient and innovative solutions for the overall rehabilitation of buildings and infrastructures, regeneration of cities, creation of smart adaptive buildings for different users, improvement of infrastructure safety, integration of renewable energy...

WE INVEST IN THE CITY OF THE FUTURE, more comfortable, more friendly, with less CO2 emissions, less noise and, in short, a better quality of life.

We develop, together with and for our clients, different technology transfer projects, seeking to promote the transformation of the construction industry.

We work for different agents of the value chain of the construction sector in the field of innovative materials, industrialised products, sustainable cities and buildings, rehabilitation and safety.

The target of our offer and technological asset development are companies from the following market segments:

  • Manufacturers of cement and its derivatives
  • Manufacturers of plastics and coatings
  • Manufacturers of indoor and outdoor street furniture
  • Manufacturers of envelopes, enclosures and prefabricated elements
  • Building and city developers
  • Building owners and managers
  • Infrastructure owners and managers
  • Engineering and Architectural Firms
  • Construction companies.

For this purpose, we develop the following initiatives:

Innovative & Sustainable Materials

Development of new characteristics and improved properties in cements and polymers. Incorporation of waste as secondary raw material into cement and its derivatives; incorporation of waste and biomass in polymer and composite systems; development of new materials, geopolymers, biocides and linings. Construction and demolition waste recovery and management.

Systems & Processes for Construction Industrialisation

Transformation of the sector for its industrialisation through the development of new products and systems focusing on accessibility and interior architecture (accesses, partitions and partitioning systems according to functional diversity of people), high-performance architectural envelopes (structural elements, implementation of new materials, functionality integration based on renewable energy) and modular structural solutions (structural safety vs. robustness and durability criteria in aggressive environments; prefabrication; acoustic, thermal and accessibility performance-based design). In addition, implementation of more sustainable construction processes, including the definition of the relationship between the different stakeholders involved in the industrialised construction concept.

Smart Buildings & Cities

Promotion of energy management in buildings, products and integrated solutions for the design of smart spaces at home, construction of sustainable and energy-efficient buildings, development of the smart city concept, sustainable and energy efficient environments for strategic urban planning (development of policies and strategies for local stakeholders).

Innovation in Urban Rehabilitation and Regeneration

Promotion of sustainability and resource efficiency in consolidated urban areas and existing buildings. Strategic urban planning for renovation and regeneration of consolidated urban areas Improved quality of life in the built environment adapted to the new citizen needs and towards a low environmental impact. Development of policies and strategies to enhance historical and cultural areas for local development.


Studies prior to project drafting, technical assistance to the property, consultancy and assistance in quality audits and monitoring, technical and economic audits of projects and construction works, diagnostics and pathology studies, structural reinforcement projects, safety and risk analysis, structural movement control, geotechnical consultancy and safety against fire and explosions in buildings and civil works.


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