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BIPV: Building-integrated photovoltaics



The requirements for the integration of photovoltaic modules in buildings or vehicles are very demanding and difficult to meet using today's existing technologies.

In the first case, high-efficiency, flexible design, and low-cost modules are required. Within the transport sector, lightweight parts are required, with high structural strength and at a competitive cost.

Solarface photovoltaic modules developed by TECNALIA respond to these requirements.

Potential Market

  • BIPV: 15 Mm2 estimated, €2.25B
  • Application in urban infrastructures, electronic devices, aerospace…
  • Mobility, expanding market: photovoltaic sunroof and elements for cars, bikes, buses, UAVs, boats, and trains

We offer

  • TRL 7 in BIPV and mobility applications
  • TRL 4-5 in advanced composite manufacturing processes for large, low-cost series (developed for the automotive industry)
  • Technology protected by the patent families derived from WO2016038000 and trade secret

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Encapsulated photovoltaic cells and modules