Technological asset

NANOSEED: High-performance additives for concrete and mortars



One of the aspects that is becoming more relevant in the concrete market is cement forging speed. For example, in the prefabricated sector, halving the forging time would result in doubling production.

Similarly, hardening accelerators will become even more important in the coming years with the anticipated eruption of 3D printing technology.

Potential Market

  • Prefabricated concrete and mortars. The consumption of cement hardening additives is estimated to be: ​
    • Europe: 825.000 T of additive / year
    • Spain: 35.000 T of additive / year
  • NANOSEED can therefore be a business of over €M at the fifth year.

We offer

  • TRL 7: Confirmed production at an industrial scale.
  • Technology protected by 2 patent families in over 40 countries: EP2878585 and WO2016192745​
  • Technology appraised at €3M by external advisers

We are searching for

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Registration No.

Method for the manufacturing of cementitious C-S-H seeds


Method for the manufacture of calcium silicate hydrate used as hardening accelerator in concrete and cement-based materials, calcium silicate hydrate manufactured with said method