Technological asset

NOISEEK: Detection of PLC perturbations of the electrical grid



PLC communications of Smart Meters through the electrical grid can fail due to excessive noise in the grid caused by local consumers.

Identifying these local noise sources is an effort and an unexpected cost for electrical service companies and causes nuisance for their customers (power outage).

Potential Market

  • Market of electrical companies using PLC technologies (3,500 €/device):
    • Europe (2016-2017): 500-1000 devices
    • Middle East (2016-2017): 50-100 devices

We offer

  • TRL 8
  • Technology protected by the patent families derived from EP3244222
  • Validation tests
  • Channel, through direct contact with electricity companies in technological alliances and associations

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Registration No.

Method and system for detecting noise in an electrical grid