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NOISEEK: Detection of PLC perturbations of the electrical grid



PLC communications of Smart Meters through the electrical grid may fail due to excessive noise in the grid caused by equipment connected by local consumers.

Knowing in advance the level of noise presented by an electrical network (noise map) enables the most appropriate communication technology to be chosen in AMI PLC projects of a DSO, and thus minimise communication problems due to the presence of electrical noise.

Where AMI technology has already been deployed (roll-out), in the event of communication problems due to the presence of electrical noises, the NOISEEK technology enables the noise source to be located quickly and economically and ad-hoc solutions to be proposed for its control (e.g. by installing filters).

Potential Market

  •  Electrical distribution companies using PLC technologies.

We offer

  •  Different models of use and licensing of equipment and technology
  • Transfer and training for the provision of services through NOISEEK (noise maps, noise source location)
  • Technical support


  • Electrical distribution companies that want to incorporate this technology
  • Maintenance service companies to DSOs or companies linked to Smart Grids that want to incorporate this technology and generate business through the services that enable NOISEEK to be developed

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Method and system for detecting noise in an electrical grid