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European technical assessment (ETA) for lignumstrand boards by TABSAL SCL S.L.


The corresponding Features Consistency Certificate will enable the product to obtain the CE marking and its freedom to be marketed throughout the European Union

TECNALIA, European Technical Assessment Body and member of EOTA, has recently issued a new ETA, formerly DITE, for the LignumStrand product; a Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) structural board by the company from Navarra, TABSAL SCL S.L.

Due to its innovative nature, the LignumStrand board does not have the relevant harmonised technical specification, so a European Assessment Document (EAD 130308-00-0304) had to be drawn up, which served as a base for the issue of the European Technical Assessment (ETA).

The EAD drawn up by TECNALIA and approved by the European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA) defines the relevant characteristics for its intended use, as well as the test methods to be applied. We must point out that, in view of the lack of EN standards, the test methodology had to be defined in some cases. 

Once the EAD had been drawn up, and as part of the product assessment, the LignumStrand board underwent the demanding tests defined in said EAD at the TECNALIA laboratories: determining the board's fire performance, its mechanical properties, resistance to biological attacks or emissions of hazardous substances in indoor environments, among other aspects.

The results, set out in the ETA, along with the corresponding Features Consistency Certificate will enable TABSAL SCL S.L. to obtain the CE Marking for the product and freely market it throughout the European Union, once published in the Official Journal of the European Union.    

Working with TECNALIA in the CE Marking process has given TABSAL SCL S.L. a single liaison throughout the entire process, facilitating coordination between EAD development tasks, product assessment, the performance of laboratory tests and tasks associated with the Notified Body.

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