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TECNALIA extends its ENAC accreditation for temporary edge protection systems (TEPS) testing as per UNE-EN 13374


We are the only Spanish testing laboratory accredited in the field of edge protection for construction

TECNALIA is extending the LE024 scope of accreditation of its ENAC-accredited mechanical testing laboratory, implementing new mechanical tests as per UNE EN 13374 for Temporary Edge Protection Systems (TEPS). TEPS are safety devices provisionally intended to protect people from falls to a lower level and to retain materials on site.

The UNE EN 13374 standard specifies the mechanical strength and design requirements that must be met by the TEPS, as well as the test methods. It sets out the compliance test with the dynamic load requirements for classes B and C of the TEPS.

Class B provides protection for static and low dynamic loads, such as a worker who slides towards the protection due to an inclined surface. On the other hand, Class C has a much greater resistance intended for working areas with slopes of between 40 and 60º, and fall heights of up to 5 m.

This new extended accreditation required the assembly, in our laboratory, of a test ramp to simulate the fall of an operator on a 60º sloping roof, who rolls 5 m until crashing against the edge protection. This test also applies to U-type safety nets that have the same purpose.

These new tests, for which we have received accreditation by ENAC on successful completion of the audit, will enable us to complement all the tests we were already carrying out, providing a comprehensive conformity assessment service to TEPS manufacturers.

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In this way, TECNALIA has now completed the scope of the accreditation regarding “edge protection”, thus becoming the only Spanish laboratory accredited with the capacity to classify this product and, positioning itself as a benchmark lab in the national market on TWE tests.

You can find out more about the services provided by this laboratory through the following link: TEPS Tests 

In TECNALIA’s structural safety laboratory, we work to guarantee the safety of people and the strict compliance with current regulations

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