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The IPAE Innovation Centre and TECNALIA join forces to foster innovation in Peru


The IPAE has promoted a visit to the Basque Country and to TECNALIA to discover the Basque innovation model first hand

The Applied Research Centre TECNALIA Research & Innovation and the IPAE Innovation Centre in Peru have signed a collaboration agreement to undertake joint innovation projects. As a result of this agreement, the IPAE has promoted a visit to the Basque Country and to TECNALIA to discover the Basque innovation model first hand.

At the end of the visit, Luis Torres, Chairman of the Strategy Committee at IPAE Innovation Centre, a centre that works to innovate and “create competent managers who can add value”, declared that “by working with TECNALIA, Peru aims to achieve a competitive and diversified economy”. According to Luis Torres, Peru is currently enjoying a time of prosperity thanks to the exportation of natural resources, “but that is not where the future lies”.

Angélica Matsuda, Executive Director of the National Competitiveness Board of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Peru, assured that the trip helped her to see “what needs to be done to make an innovation system work” and that the Basque Country is a model for them because it is “ahead of the future”, in a context in which one of the priorities on Peru's Competitiveness Agenda is the promotion of applied innovation. She also praised the relationship between the public and private sectors, which “works as the driving force of the system and makes it possible, and this relationship is essential to any competitiveness policy”. Regarding the cooperation between institutions, like the one the IPAE and TECNALIA are going to carry out, she explained that it helps Peru to “move faster” in order to “become a country that is also able to export knowledge”.

The General Manager of TECNALIA, Joseba Jauregizar recognised that TECNALIA “wants to act differently” and to that end, it promotes the generation of ideas for companies so they can be more competitive through technology. “We have seen the strengths and weaknesses of our systems and we have learnt from them”, he said, “and this is the reason why we have established our own way and now we wish to share our experience with others”.

The Technical Mission concluded with a visit by the Deputy Minister of MSEs and Industry of the Ministry of Production of Peru, Magali Cuesta.



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