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We are ready to face current and future challenges. What’s your challenge?

In an increasingly interconnected and interactive world, we design solutions by developing and integrating the most suitable technologies required regarding digital processes, products, and services.

We seek to align business transformation with digital model shift, driving new opportunities with digital technologies at the core.

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Industry is in our DNA.

For decades, TECNALIA has solved innovation challenges alongside manufacturing companies by integrating the right automation solutions into each process, applying the latest technologies in mechatronics, developing new materials and implementing simulations to manage the performance of manufacturing processes.

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We develop solutions for a competitive generation of renewable energy and for CO2-free mobility.

Our experience in smart networks, energy storage (including hydrogen), digital technologies, energy efficiency, and advanced materials supports their own deployment.

We support the industry decarbonisation, and the planning/design of energy-efficient, sustainable, comfortable, and resilient urban environments.

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We work on the development of technologies and new business models that contribute to the shift towards the mobility of the future: low environmental impact, connected, efficient, safe, smart, and inclusive.

In this context, we focus our activity on the industrial value chain of mobility systems and on administrations, mobility managers, and users.

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We are concerned about the development of healthy environments that preserve and improve people’s health and quality of life.

That is why we are focusing our technological activity on the transformation of health and long-term care systems, food, transportation, housing, city, and workplaces.

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We contribute to the positive transformation and development of the city and the region through a set of urban solutions serving a smart city vision, and the application of high-impact state-of-the-art technologies.

We advocate for a people-centred urban model aligned with the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Current production and consumption patterns are unsustainable to maintain economic prosperity and the well-being of future generations. A paradigm shift in production systems and consumption patterns in society is needed.

The Circular Economy is the driving force behind the transition towards sustainable production and consumption models for our society and our planet.

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