Scope of action

Sustainable mobility

Tecnalia - Movilidad sostenible

We work on the development of technologies and new business models that contribute to the shift towards the mobility of the future: low environmental impact, connected, efficient, safe, smart, and inclusive. In this context, we focus our activity on the industrial value chain of mobility systems and on administrations, mobility managers, and users.

Specifically, we focus on improving transport vehicles, both on land and air, their communication systems and energy infrastructures, as well as their interaction and integration into urban and interurban ecosystems.

Our goals are:

  • Improving the efficiency of transport and mobility systems.
  • Improving environmental quality by using alternative energy sources.
  • Evolution towards sustainable mobility models in the urban and metropolitan environment.

Our offer:


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Javier Coleto, PhD

Javier Coleto, PhD

Head of Sustainable mobility
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Immerse yourself in mobility of the future: electrified, autonomous, shared, connected, efficient and sustainable brochure (Spanish)

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New generation aeronautics brochure

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New generation aeronautics brochure

New generation aeronautics brochure (English)

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