Embedded electronic systems, power and control electronics

Sistemas electrónicos embebidos, electrónica de potencia y control

We develop electronic systems, power and control electronics for automated driving and deployment of electric vehicles; integration of distributed generation, storage, control and communication of the grid (energy converters and actuators), connectivity and cybersecurity (embedded systems) into the power grid; sensors (biosensors, hybrid devices, among others); and operation and maintenance.

These technologies make it possible to achieve more compact, more efficient, cheaper, safer and better connected energy converters and electrical-electronic systems that improve operation and maintenance.

We carry out developments based on the customer’s needs, which can range from a specific part to complement their design, to certified turnkey equipment.

 Key electronic systems, power electronics and control technologies:

  • Power electronics: high frequency (SiC, GaN) and resonant power converters. Multi-level topologies.
  • Complex control techniques.
  • Analogue electronics.
  • Digital electronics: FPGAs, SoC, microswitches.
  • Embedded systems. Real-time OS, multicore architectures, Model-Based Design.
  • Modelling and simulation of systems, algorithms and circuits. Use of HIL architectures.
  • Stability analysis of grids with high power converter penetration.
Salvador Ceballos, PhD

Salvador Ceballos, PhD

Head of Embedded electronic systems, power and control electronics