Scope of action

Urban ecosystem

Tecnalia - Ecosistema urbano

We contribute to the positive transformation and development of the city and the region through a set of urban solutions serving a smart city vision, and the application of high-impact state-of-the-art technologies.

We advocate for a people-centred urban model aligned with the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We help cities solve their challenges, build a vision, and get closer to that Smart City model. To do this, we have a unique set of city-related technologies, and combine them to generate comprehensive urban solutions:


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Eneritz Barreiro

Eneritz Barreiro

Head of Urban ecosystem
Catálogo edificios y ciudades – Building Technologies

Creating more livable, sustainable and connected environments brochure

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Creating solutions to transform the future

Creating solutions to transform the future brochure

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Catálogo de adaptación a los riesgos climáticos

Adaptation to climate risks brochure (spanish)

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