We research, implement and transfer advanced technologies, new computing paradigms, high performance architectures and software systems ownership models.

Our technologies contribute to developing, acquiring, operating and maintaining software systems, by creating, testing and applying tools, technologies and good practices to obtain innovative, quality, reliable and efficient software systems.

Key applications of our software technologies:

  • We improve the quality and security of software systems and optimise the development process by applying ground-breaking techniques, methods and tools.
  • We provide innovative software solutions for industry 4.0, medical robotics, neuro-rehabilitation, smart grids, renewable energy, certification of electrical equipment, construction, meteorology and automotive solutions, among others.
  • We assess and certify IT professionals and citizens in digital skills related to software engineering and software development platforms used in the field of public administrations, and in IT knowledge.

International presence

Unión Europea
SEI (Software Engineering Institute)
Izaskun Santamaría

Izaskun Santamaría

Head of Software technologies